How to get your name on google

Hello guys, In this article, I am going to show you. How to get your name on google. You want to promote your business or website. You can follow this methods to show your business or website on Google search result. You shall saw on Google that many famous person like Players, actors or popular person, Google show their details in google search result. This things are called Virtual Business Card.

How to get your name on google
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How to get your name on Google?

There is two most popular ways to get your name on Google.

1. Have a post about you any website.

2. Create Add me to search.

You can write post on about you any website or Blog and create social media accounts same Name and attach all social media accounts on post that you write.

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How to create add me to search?

◾First open Google browser and search " Add me to search" 

◾You shaw view example or get started. You can click on get started.

◾Then select your gmail account here.

◾Then click on arrow and select your country and add your mobile number.

◾After add mobile number. You click on Next option.

◾After clicking next, an OTP will appear on your mobile number. You have to fill that OTP in this box and click on next.

◾If OTP does not come then you can click on re-send code.

◾After clicking on re-send code. You saw create a public profile. You can click on Okey, got it.

◾If you want to create bussiness profile, you can click on Add it to Google here

◾if you want to change your avatar image, you can click on change avatar and select your image from file manager.

◾Then fill location, about, occupation, work, education, hometown, website, social profiles, email or phone number.

◾After filling all details, you can click on preview option.

◾ Then you saw, how to your card look in Google, then click on save option.

◾Then, new pop-up open and show success and tell you. Your search card is updated and will appear in search results shortly.

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