Hello guys, welcome to another article in this article I am going to show you step by step. How you can add adsense html code to your blog website step by step in easy way. Almost all new bloggers are facing this issue when they want to approve adsense account. New bloggers always comment, how can we add adsense html code in blogger website for easily approved adsense account. Some new bloggers ask when we paste adsense html code in "head" after save html code got automatic changed.

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Let's started, in this article I am going to tell you this problem solution so you read this article step by step. If you are facing same type of issue like you are not able to add html verification code in your blog then you can follow the steps to solve this issue.

First we need to generate verification html code in google adsense. Follow this steps to generate html code.

1. Login your adsense account with your gmail id or password. Click on three line you saw in left.

2. Now you can see many options in left side. Now you clicked on sites options.

3. Then you are seeing add site option in right side. Now click on add site option.

4. Now you will add your site url like this sunnykitech.in after add url you will clicked on next option.

5. Then you will seeing html code. You will be clicked on copy option.

6. Then open your blogger dashboard. You will see three lines in left side. Now click on three lines.

7. Now you will seeing theme option. Then clicked on theme option.

8. Then you will be see arrow down botton. You clicked on arrow down botton.

9. Now you saw edit html option. Now you clicked on edit html option.

10. Once you clicked on head and now clicked on enter botton in your keyboard. Now paste html code.

11. Then clicked on three dots.

12. Once you will seeing save option. Now clicked on save option.

13. Now return adsense dashboard and clicked on submit option.

Any problem to paste adsense code now you will see this video.

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