Hello guys, welcome to another article. In this article you will know "How to update google play service" when google play service is old. You try to open any application when you faced some error like this "The app won’t run unless you update Google Play Services"

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What is the benefits to updating google play service?

Many benefits to updating google play service. When you updated google play service your phone working smoothly and any application open fast in your phone. When are you not updating google play service. You faced issue.

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How to update google play service?

1. First open setting and find Google option. Then click on Google option.

2. Now you see question mark in right side. Then click on question mark option.

3. Then search "google play service". And open any article.

4.  Now you see three dots option in right side. Clicked on three dots.

5. Then click on "view on Google play store"

6. Now play store automatic open. Then you updating google play store service.

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