Hello guys, welcome to another article. In this article I am going to show How to add ads between posts in blogger? Because this time adsense earning is very low, so you can add ads between post to increase your blogging revenue.

How to add ads between posts in blogger
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But for this, approval of adsense on your blogger website is necessary then you can enabled this feature on your site or blogger website. This method is only for blogger plateform but you use Godaddy plateform, you skip this article.

Let's see, How to add ads between posts in blogger?

How to add ads between posts in blogger?

1. Sign in to blogger website.

2. Then clicked on three lines. You will seeing in left side.

3. Now click on earning option.

4. Then enable display ads on your blog.

5. Now click on three lines, you will seeing in left side.

6. Then clicked on layout option.

7. Now find Main posts option. Then you see blog post, blog post right side you see pencil icon you click pencil icon.

8. Now see Show ads between posts option, you enabled this setting.

9. Then save this setting to clicked save option.

10. Now you refresh your blog website, now you can see ads between post like this.

Guys, you have any problem in this article or if not understand this setting now you will see this video but this video this Hindi language

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