Hello guys, welcome to another article. In this article, I am going to show you. How to fix %% problem in permalink on blogger? Almost all new bloggers are facing this issue. New blogger when create there blog on blogger then publish there post on blogger then see this issue. 

How to fix %% problem in permalink on blogger
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Let's started, In this article I am going to show this issue solution so you read this article step by step. If you face this type of issue so follow this steps to fix this issue.

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First, you have to open the blogger's dashboard before that I show you the screenshot of the error.

1. Go to blogger dashboard and click on three dots like this.

2. Then clicked on desktop site. Now you have to seen like this interface.

3. Now click on that's article which you faced issue.

4. You have to see arrow option like show you in screenshot. Then click on arrow.

5. Now click on revert to draft option.

6. Then click on permalink option.

7. Select the custom option like this.

8. Now add this type of permalink like As the title of your article is how to fix %% problem in permalink on blogger so you write this How-to-fix-%%-problem-in-permalink-on-blogger. 

9. Then click on publish option.

10. Now click on confirm option.

Now your problem this solved.

You want to see video in Hindi Now play this video but this video is Hindi language. Any problem you ask me in comment box.

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