Hi friends... In this article we are going to learn "How to find unique topic for Blogger?" Friend, You are a blogger and you create your blog on Blogger so this article for you. Many new blogger do not know how to find unique article. 

How to find unique topic for blogger
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How to find unique topic for Blogger?

I'm going to tell you three methods to find unique article. Let's know about this secret methods.

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1. Quora

You create a quora account. Then many people ask questions on this plateform. This question is unique because google have no answer this question so you can write article for this question and share your link and some highlighted paragraph in question comment box.

2. Google questions hub

This methods is free. This is simple ways to find unique articles because google questions hub show unique questions for you. When question, answer this not available on internet google questions hub suggest you new topic for article so you use this methods.

3. Blogger ideas

This is very easy methods to find topic but this method for only blogger user. You created a blog on blogger when you see ideas option in right corner. When you click on ideas option now you see many topic.

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